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Jackie Kloosterboer

ESS has been a significant part of Jackie Kloosterboer’s life for over 25 years. She has been on the front line of disasters working with Emergency Support Services (ESS) Teams across BC, helping to support people impacted by a disaster or working with Communities to develop ESS Exercises and ESS Plans.


Jackie spent 20 years with the City of Vancouver as the ESSD and responded to upwards of 40 ESS calls each year. Jackie is a JIBC instructor and travels across Canada, teaching ESS Teams and First Nations communities how to ensure their community is ready for disaster to support people impacted.


In addition to ESS, Jackie has taught thousands of people how to prepare for disaster, whether at home or work, when disaster strikes. She is the author of the quintessential book My Earthquake Preparedness Guide taking people step by step through the process to prepare for disasters.

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