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Are You Aligned to the Sendai Framework; A Blog Post From Red Dragon Consulting

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This blog post from Red Dragon Consulting, discusses the importance of aligning with the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. The framework, developed by the United Nations, provides guidelines for effective emergency management.

The four priorities for action outlined in the framework are understanding disaster risks, strengthening disaster risk governance, investing in risk reduction, and enhancing preparedness for response and recovery.

The blog suggests conducting a self-assessment to determine alignment by considering elements such as risk assessment, governance, financial investments, and preparedness. It also offers recommendations for bridging any gaps in alignment, including strengthening collaboration, capacity building, mainstreaming risk reduction, and utilizing technology.

The blog concludes by emphasizing the shared responsibility of disaster risk reduction and the potential for creating resilient communities through alignment with the Sendai Framework. Click here to read the full blog post titled "Are You Aligned to the Sendai Framework?"

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