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Disaster Preparedness and Safeguarding Your Business; Another Blog Post from Survive-It Consulting

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Disaster preparedness planning is all about hoping for the best case scenario but planning for the worst case scenario.

Protecting your business and ensuring employee safety requires proactive disaster preparedness. In this blog post from disaster preparedness expert Jackie Kloosterboer of Survive-It Consulting shares lessons about the importance of equipping employees with the necessary knowledge and resources to enhance their well-being during crises.

Some key tips:

  • Encouraging personal preparedness, such as having Grab & Go Kits with essential supplies, can expedite the recovery process.

  • Develop a comprehensive Business Disaster Plan that includes evacuation procedures, assembly points, and communication strategies to keep everyone informed.

Investing in staff preparedness enhances business resilience, minimizes financial losses, and maintains operational continuity. Cross-training employees in critical roles mitigates the impact of absenteeism.

Prioritize disaster preparedness in your organization, foster a culture of readiness, and book a Disaster Preparedness Workshop to take proactive steps in safeguarding your business and protecting your staff's well-being.

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